Spinal Champion Advocate Program

Meet The Advocates

Advocates are invited into the program by the National Spine Health Foundation and offer truthful insights on topics such as: diagnosis, recovery, questions to ask, second opinions, finding emotional support, and finding educational resources.  Advocates encourage others to take next steps on their patient journeys by being positive, honest, and realistic, and conveying their personal experience of finding the right treatment for their specific need.  Spinal Champion conversations can equip patients to seek professional treatment, have hope, and live life on their own terms.

Abby Weber
New York | Arthritis, Laminectomy, Spinal Fusion, Lower Back
Rafael Rodriguez
California | Two-Level Spinal Fusion, Lower Back
Mary Wykle, PhD
Virginia | Spinal Fusion, Neck, Lower Back
Ella Turk
Ella Turk
Virginia | Scoliosis, Nonsurgical, Back Brace

Spinal Champion Advocates do not offer professional medical advice nor make diagnoses. Rather, they share their own patient experiences. They are not employees of the National Spine Health Foundation and their views do not necessarily reflect those of the National Spine Health Foundation. Spinal Champion Advocates may choose not to respond to patient messages that appear to be spam or abuse. They are not required to respond to patient messages and all conversations had are on a volunteer basis. If Advocates choose not to respond, they are encouraged to forward requests to the NSHF Program Manager.  he National Spine Health Foundation reserves the right to remove them from the Spinal Champion Advocate program at any time.