The Spine Health Journal

The Spine Health Journal is a premier product from the National Spine Health Foundation. From Ask the Expert interviews to review articles, our national network of Centers of Excellence contribute to our Journal, a patient-centered, research-driven publication produced by the Foundation.

Spine Health Journal

The Journal also features stories from Spinal Champions, covers new research and trends within the field of spinal healthcare. We have reports from some of the top spine surgeons and medical researchers in the country. This provides readers with the very best information they can on subjects like surgery, physical therapy, prevention and more.

We have years of content available for you to look through and new issues of the Journal are posted every quarter. Join our email list to be kept up to date on new issues and what we are covering. From back pain sustained by injury to Scoliosis to age-related degenerative conditions, the Spine Health Journal has it all.

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