The Research Institute

National Spine Health Foundation established its Research Institute in order to foster a collaborative research environment for students to gain experience and knowledge of the clinical spine health landscape.  Our aim is to encourage the development of healthcare-focused students and drive collaboration in spine health research.

The Research Institute at National Spine Health Foundation gives highly motivated students the opportunity to play an integral role in investigating innovative spine treatments.  This includes collaborating with top spine physicians and industry leaders on cutting edge treatments, informing and consenting patients on potential studies, culling and analyzing patient and clinician-driven data, and writing abstracts, papers, and reviews for eventual public consumption. The publications our Research Fellows assist with getting to press and podium helps the Foundation promote innovation and to prove what treatments work.  Our results give patients hope they will get better and back to living their best lives.

Areas of research include stem cell therapy for relief of chronic back pain, use of bone morphogenetic protein in cervical fusion surgeries, robotic-guided spine surgery, lumbar hardware removal, and clinical trial collaborations with industry sponsors.  We also offer the opportunity to shadow the nation’s leading spine surgeons.

Internship Objectives:

  • Gain knowledge of current, innovative spine treatments and the current landscape of spine health care including surgical techniques, patient consent process, and patient-reported outcome metrics through scientific literature searches and clinic interactions
  • Learn study design, data collection and analysis procedures, and database management techniques for peer-reviewed publication and research findings presentations
  • Become familiar with the clinical trials process and dataset collection for eventual industry-driven FDA submissions

The Research Institute offers a multitude of positions for highly-motivated students including:

  • High school research interns
  • College healthcare/premedical focused research fellows
  • Graduate Student research fellows
  • Post-Baccalaureate research fellows

For more information regarding our research, please read about our current research projects and SpineOnline® initiative, or contact us.

We also have opportunities for the following positions:


  • Finance & Accounting Internship: Coordinate with and assist the team in managing the financial reporting, accounting, and portfolio management
  • Marketing & Events Coordinator Internship: Coordinate with and assist the team in managing the We’ve Got Your Back signature events, support the organization’s fundraising activities, and provide administrative oversight with regard to social media functions.