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Learn how you can help shape the future of patient care through informed decision making and patient advocacy. Life changing progress takes partners like you with a shared mission as members of: The Spine Health Leadership Council and The Spine Health Ambassadors Partnership.

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Why Partner With Us?

The National Spine Health Foundation plays a crucial role in advancing patient education and advocacy within the spine health community as the sole non-profit organization dedicated to this cause. To achieve this, we critically need and value support from our pioneering industry colleagues who have helped build and shape the modern spine world that we celebrate today.

Stronger Together

By uniting together, we are making spine health a national, even global priority, and advance a shared mission to:

Raise Patient and Public Awareness

Fund Groundbreaking Spinal Research

Uniting Patients with Solutions

Meet Our Supporters

Philanthropy fuels our mission. We are grateful to our Spine Health Leadership Council whose giving sustains our work.

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How to Get Involved

As a patient-centered nonprofit organization, the work we do is fully powered by people of passion and purpose who share our belief that everyone deserves excellent spine health. Join us.

Spine Health Leadership Council

As members of the Spine Health Leadership Council and Spine Health Ambassador Partners, there are numerous opportunities to partner, engage and be recognized for your insight and leadership as we further our shared mission to advance spine health patient advocacy, research, knowledge, and hope.

Our spine industry corporate friends and partners contribute a great deal to innovative advancements in patient outcomes, breakthrough technologies, masterful techniques, professional education, research and evidence development. But for too many decades we have left the spine patient community essentially on its own, on the internet, or on the sidelines, without the benefit of a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to the patient and their family with content that is meaningful, responsible, credible and authoritative. We do this in a manner similar to how the American Heart Association reaches cardiac patients and similarly chartered patient organizations support their patient communities. Our progress benefits significantly from the framework we have established in working with and receiving guidance from the Coalition for Spine Health, our Professional Spine Societies, Physician leaders and our Medical & Scientific Board.

Our mission cannot be accomplished alone. We ask that you help us close this undeveloped gap for spine patients and their families by unifying and galvanizing collaborative relationships and partnerships with our foundation, premiere physicians, professional societies and affiliate organizations, with critical support from philanthropic donors, grateful patients and industry leadership.

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Event Sponsorship

Fundraising events are designed to raise awareness and support for our mission. NSFH fundraising events range from silent auctions, 5k Runs, Galas and regional cultivation events Hosting fundraising events, sponsoring our events, inviting your network to join us are some of the powerful ways you can help raise critical funds to fuel our programs. Events are not only fun, they are important opportunities to engage with our donors and celebrate leadership and success throughout our organization.

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Volunteer & Share Your Story

When faced with a debilitating spine condition, people are often feel afraid, alone and have lost hope that they can get better. Sharing testimonies from real people who have overcome their condition through spinal healthcare, whether it be through a procedure, a surgery, or proper exercise techniques, might just be what they need to hear to spark their hope and help them believe that they will return to their lives. We are here to share these spinal champion stories to give hope, and the resources to empower people on their journey to spinal health.

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Partner With Us

Philanthropy fuels our mission. We are grateful to our Spine Health Leadership Council whose giving sustains our work.

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Leading premier spine physicians, professional spine societies, affiliate spinal organizations and the spine medical industry have united with NSHF to prioritize patient education, advocacy and spinal healthcare.

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