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When you partner with NSHF, you empower patients to protect their spine health and take back their lives from debilitation spine conditions.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to make spine health a national priority! We recognize that this mission cannot be accomplished alone. That is why we have worked to build a collaborative support system that includes the top surgeons in spine, professional spine societies and industry leadership. If you would like to have a better overview of our mission, we recommend reading this document.

Stronger Together

By uniting together, we can make spine health a national, even global, priority, and advance a shared mission to:

Raise Patient and Public Awareness

Amplify and raise patient and public awareness of the success of modern spinal treatments. This is made possible through leadership in multicenter research, evidence development, professional education, and scientific innovation.

Provide Information and Encouragement

Provide meaningful information and encouragement that helps patients gain knowledge and find hope, helping them work with their physician to make informed decisions on optimal treatment options.

Unite Together

We welcome the opportunity of expanding our relationship and partnerships, engaging in collaborative opportunities in the year ahead. Together, we can make a difference.

Focused Goals

Creating The Coalition for Spine Health

The Coalition for Spine Health is a collaboration with prominent professional spine societies and organizations established to enhance the scope and impact of spine health education and advocacy. The National Spine Health Foundation serves as the patient education resource of the Coalition, providing vital information to individuals seeking to improve their spine health.

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Building a Prestigious Medical & Scientific Board

With over 50 of the nation’s most recognized experts and leaders in spinal healthcare, our board of physicians volunteer their time to provide patients with knowledge, understanding and hope on their journey toward spinal health.

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Establishing the Spine Health Leadership Council

The National Spine Health Foundation plays a crucial role in patient advocacy and education within the spine health field as the sole non-profit organization dedicated to this cause. To achieve this, we critically need and value support from the spine industry as members of the Spine Health Leadership Council. There are numerous opportunities to partner, sponsor, engage with us and be recognized, sharing in our mission to advance spine patient education, advocacy and outcomes.

Event Sponsorship

The We’ve Got Your Back 5K and Wellness Fair is one of NSHF’s signature events and is the nation’s largest celebration of health spines. Together with our sponsors, NSHF was able to raise some of the necessary funds to support our educational programs throughout the year. The 2022 race was held on October 16, World Spine day, and raised awareness, and celebrated positive outcomes. We commemorated the success of Spinal Champions by bringing together elite runners, recovering and recovered patients, industry experts, and supporting members of the community.

Leading surgeons, professional spine societies, affiliate organizations and industry leadership have united with NSHF to prioritize patient education, advocacy and spine healthcare.

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