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There are many ways that you can help the National Spine Health Foundation. You can share your story as a Spinal Champion, volunteer your time as a Spinal Champion Advocate, join our Facebook group or donate to support our programs.


Read Spinal Champion Stories

If you are someone who has achieved an improved quality of life through spinal health care, then you are a Spinal Champion! We know that patients facing a debilitating back or neck condition can often feel lost, alone, and overwhelmed – but the road to recovery doesn’t have to be a lonely one. Our Spinal Champions share their stories as a way to inspire and offer hope to other patients.

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Meet a Spinal Champion Advocate

Spinal Champion Advocate is a patient that volunteers their time to answer questions from people who are just beginning their spine health journey. They help others find strength, comfort and peer-to-peer support.

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Join the Facebook Support Group

Our private Facebook support group is a place where you can engage directly with other patients just like you. This page is a great place to ask questions, seek advice or just commiserate.

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Partner with Us

The National Spine Health Foundation (NSHF) is the only patient-centered nonprofit dedicated to improving spinal healthcare for all Americans through education, advocacy, and research. That mission is fueled by philanthropy and partnership. When you partner with NSHF, you empower patients to protect their spine health and take back their lives from debilitating spinal conditions.

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Make a Donation

When you support the National Spine Health Foundation, you empower patients to protect their spine health and take back their lives from debilitating spinal conditions.

There are many ways you may include the National Spine Health Foundation in your gift planning.

You can support NSHF through simple bequests in a will or an estate plan, to IRA’s, life insurance, and securities.

Our vision is to improve the lives of those with neck and back pain and with your generous gift, we can give hope.

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