Spinal Champions

A Spinal Champion Is

… a person who has achieved an improved quality of life through spinal health care. We know that
patients facing a debilitating back or neck condition can often feel lost, alone, and overwhelmed – but the road to recovery doesn’t have to be a lonely one. Our Spinal Champions help others find strength, comfort, and peer-to-peer support in a community that understands.

Our Spinal Champions Are

… building a community of support, inspiration and hope. This program brings together individuals who have achieved improved quality of life through treatment for their neck or back pain to share their own stories of hope and provide encouragement to other patients. Spinal Champions help others find strength, comfort, and peer-to-peer support in a community that understands.

Top 4 questions

… to ask yourself if you think you may be a Spinal Champion:

  1. Have you experienced back or neck pain for a significant period of time?
  2.  Did your symptoms force you to seek treatment?
  3.  Did you receive successful treatment that allowed you to overcome pain or get back to your life?
  4.  Are you interested in providing advice and encouragement for others with your story?

Top 5 Ways To Get Involved

  1. Submit your Spinal Champion story here
  2.  Meet our Spinal Champion Advocates, here to answer your questions
  3.  Join our Back and Neck Pain Patient Support Group
  4.  Listen to the “Get Back To It” podcast featuring stories of Spinal Champions

National Spine Health Foundation, we are lucky to know many Spinal Champions. We love sharing their stories here, on our blog, the Get Back To It Podcast and through video interviews on social media. These stories of hope and recovery provide so much empowerment and energy for the millions of people who are still suffering.

Video: Become a Spinal Champion

Our Spinal Champion® program provides much needed relief from the emotional and physical challenges that spinal patients face. We are pioneering patient support initiatives that bring together spinal patients, allowing them to share their experiences, offer support, and find strength and comfort in others who are battling similar challenges.

We encourage you to submit your story , so we can continue expanding hope to millions. When you speak out, someone is always helped. That is why we created the Spinal Champion program.

Don’t forget to join our private Back and Neck Pain Patient Support Group on Facebook here. View some of our Spinal Champion stories in the video gallery below!