Aaron Baker

Having always been very active and fit, it was a surprise to “throw my back out” at age 28. That incident started 12 years of every sort of conservative pain treatment I could find. This included pain medication, cortisone injections and nerve ablations.It wasn’t until a particularly miserable day in early 2020 that I finally made an appointment with a spine specialist. My doctor quickly determined that I was a good candidate for surgery and recommended having my L5/S1 disc replaced.

Prior to my surgery, my doctor performed a bone density test that revealed mine was low. My doctor recommended trying to build up my bone density before undergoing surgery. In order to do this, I took calcium supplements, switched to a very healthy diet that was high in calcium, and started CrossFit. This program got my bone density to above average in 6 months.

My surgery was in July of 2020 and I was able to walk the day after surgery. Although pain set in severely on day 5, the recovery overall wasn’t bad. I then did 3 months of progressive physical therapy and was back in the gym with pretty much no limitations.

Since then, I have continued with CrossFit and I actually can’t even remember what back pain was like. At 42 now, I feel like a teenager again! Between the nerve problem being solved by the disc replacement and working to stay fit, I’m on a new level of ability. I built a 4500 sq ft house, have begun hunting in rugged and remote areas requiring backpacking in and hauling out the game on my back, and I basically feel like I’m up to try anything. It’s how people should be living!

Texas | Degenerative Disk Disease | L5/S1 Disc Replacement