Financial Information

The National Spine Health Foundation is dedicated to responsibly raising funds to support our transformative education, advocacy, and research programs, working to improve spinal healthcare for all Americans.

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Recognition of NSHF

The National Spine Health Foundation is recognized by leading charity rating organizations, including Candid’s Gold Seal of Transparency, highlighting that you can support our work with trust and confidence.



To provide transparency, NSHF provides Audited Financials and other financial reporting as available upon request.

Annual Report

To provide transparency, NSHF provides Audited Financials and other financial reporting as available upon request.

Safeguarding NSHF Independence and Integrity

NSHF’s core mission is to make sure that the expansion of exceptional spinal healthcare becomes a nationwide priority and that those in need of answers and hope have access to expert-led, unbiased information empowering them on their journey to healing. To that end, NSHF seeks funding support from a variety of corporate, individual, and foundation partners to grow our education, research, and advocacy programs. We aim to maintain transparency about our partnerships and activities, while maintaining the independence and high-quality of our work.

1) Editorial control: While NSHF seeks input from external experts and stakeholders in the development of materials, as well as financial support, NSHF maintains full editorial control and therefore has the final word on all content. As a matter of policy, NSHF accepts gifts only from donors who do not seek to undermine or compromise the independence of our organization and the content we produce.

2) Brand affiliations: NSHF educational content often focuses on the latest developments in spinal healthcare, including innovative new treatments, but never focuses on a single product or brand. While we may recognize financial support from industry and corporate sponsors and we encourage partners and funders to use and share our content and materials, we do not engage in exclusive brand affiliations.

3) Expert Review: Whenever possible, materials are developed in consultation with a review panel of experts, including members of our Medical & Scientific Board, who are independent and objective.

4) Policy: NSHF makes all policy priority decisions independent of our funding partners. 5) Disclosures: For transparency, NSHF will disclose the support of donors who fund specific NSHF programs and projects and those who fund specific NSHF events.