Finding Answers for Back and Neck Pain

If you've been struggling with a spine condition and are searching for solutions, we invite you to learn more from our resources. Neck or back pain can be caused by a number of conditions in the spine, can cause pain in your arms, hips and legs, and can have a range of treatments. We're here to help you find answers so that you can take back your life. We offer educational resources, insights from world class experts, and a patient support community who share their experiences and offer hope to all who are suffering.

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Understanding Low Back Pain

Experiencing low back pain? This enlightening panel discussion is a must-watch for you! Join us as esteemed experts, Dr. Wellington Hsu and Dr. Cara Sedney, provide valuable insights for understanding and treating low back pain. Don't let low back pain hold you back anymore—tune in and empower yourself with knowledge!

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Frontiers in Treating Low Back Conditions

Curious about the new frontiers in treating low back conditions? Get ready to explore these innovations with Dr. Bruce Darden and Dr. Zorica Buser, esteemed experts in the field of lumbar spine! This panel discussion unravels the vital role of research in advancing lumbar spine care. Embark on this insightful journey with us today!

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Why Spine Health?

The spine is central to the entire body and cannot be replaced, leaving it as one of the most vital and under appreciated body parts we have. Today, over 100 million people in the US struggle with chronic spine and back pain. We can change that!

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Americans Suffer Each Year


Reason for Opioid Prescriptions Outside of Cancer


Job-Related Disability in the U.S.


Annual cost to U.S. economy per year

Real Answers, Real Hope

Dependable, up-to-date resources that provide people with comprehensive options for their spine health.

Produce Award-Winning Research

Our award-winning research is focused on identifying the best treatment options for patients to overcome debilitating spinal conditions.

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Cultivate a Patient-Centered Community

Our Spinal Champions program brings together individuals who have achieved improved quality of life through treatment for their neck or back pain to share their own stories of hope.

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Provide Industry Leading Patient Education

Spine-Talks® brings you unparalleled access to world-class spine health experts, wherever you are.

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Empower Patient Decisions

We’ve created a resource for patients to explore their symptoms and find relevant information about different spinal conditions.

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Promote Useful Tips

Our Spinal Help Center offers Spinal Champion stories, spine health articles, videos on spine conditions and more!

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Share Stories of Healing and Recovery

Our “Get Back to It” Podcast showcases inspiring accounts from our Spinal Champions on the steps they took to heal.

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Our Partners

The National Spine Health Foundation has partnered with other healthcare societies that support policies and initiatives that offer much needed help to patients as they embark on their journey to spinal health.

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Spinal Champion Stories.


Aaron Baker

Having always been very active and fit, it was a surprise to “throw my back out” at age 28. That incident started 12 years of every sort of conservative pain treatment I could find. This included pain medication, cortisone injections and nerve ablations.It wasn’t until a particularly miserable day in...

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Carrie Holl

  I am a clinical psychologist in Northern Virginia, and now a Spinal Champion who had a successful C5-C6 disk replacement! Beginning in November 2021, I suffered severe nerve pain every night when lying down which resulted in sleep deprivation. During the day I experienced numbness and radiating pain. I...

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Pat Schellhorn

I am a retired physical education teacher and now a spinal champion who had a successful fusion of my entire spine. I never knew I had scoliosis until I was 16. I was helping my father and lifted something heavy, and I experienced severe pain in my thoracic area, and...

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