David W. Poley

Over the past three decades, Mr. Poley has had the privilege of working closely with hundreds of the world’s most impactful Ortho & Neuro Spine Surgeon leaders, collaborating professionally with them to advance their vision, goals, strategies and solutions for better spine patient care, research and evidence development, innovation and medical education. For the last two-plus decades he has had the good fortune of working within Medtronic and Sofamor Danek, the world’s leading medical technology and spine companies, in Vice President and Senior Director roles with leadership responsibilities for Global Physician, Society and Professional Relations, Global Clinical and Strategic Development, and Global Marketing and Market Development. He is highly engaged and acquainted with spine professional societies, their physician leadership and priorities from around the world. One noteworthy and impactful achievement over this period included development and funding of physician driven collaborative Spine Study Groups, organized across all spine subspecialties and global regions, with the goal of advancing patient care through multicenter analysis and unprecedented statistical powering capacity. The architecture of this landmark initiative was to have it driven by over 200 premier global spine surgeons, collaborating with 400+ surgeon colleagues in 20+ nations worldwide, resulting in an unprecedented 25,000+ patients enrolled in 12+ prospective observational cohort studies, producing 30,000+ radiographic images, 50 million+ clinical data elements and 500+ peer reviewed publications and presentations. The impact was an exceptional upgrade in the levels of spine evidence, the transformation of academic center research relations from being traditionally competitive to progressively collaborative, united through agreed upon research objectives, a centralized shared spine database platform, global ethics/IRB approvals and language translation, and compliance with ever expanding multi-national data privacy and security regulations. The intensive and continuous surgeon-to-surgeon / peer-to-peer nature of this program also had tremendous value for spine surgeons in building global relations and professional camaraderie. Most importantly, all endeavored to assure that the ultimate beneficiaries of this program were spine patients and the spine care community worldwide. Prior to Medtronic & Sofamor Danek, Mr. Poley had the good fortune of working for a decade-plus within Synthes Spine/AO Spine and Johnson & Johnson/Ethicon in similar leadership roles and responsibilities. Personal priorities for Mr. Poley include his family, his church, and his health/activities to include golf, running and rowing; achievements in the latter include multiple US National Rowing Championship victories, earning gold medals in the quads, and silver medals in the doubles and eights.