We support policies and initiatives that offer much needed support to patients as they embark on their journey to spinal health.

Coalition For Spine Health

In 2022, NSHF launched the Coalition for National Spine Health in order to closely collaborate with leading spine societies on patient advocacy and patient education efforts in the field of spinal healthcare, including NASS, CSRS and SSSF.

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Spine Health Advocacy

It’s time to make spine health a national priority and available to everyone. We advocate for policy efforts that provide access to critical spine health information and support for all patients. In addition, we advocate for funding research that leads to new treatment protocols, clinical studies that evaluate methods to get patients better faster, and minimally disruptive approaches to pain relieve for individuals with spinal issues and injuries.

We know that the journey to spinal health is not one that con be made alone. Partnerships, coalitions, and advocates are critical to our work. Everyone has a stake in improving spine health across the United States – including patients of all ages and walks of life, their families and caregivers, and employers and insurers.


We work with a robust network of partner organizations that advocate for spine health, including organizations that represent arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, veterans, sports medicine, chronic pain, seniors and underserved populations in community health centers. Coalition partners include NIAMS, U.S. Bone and Joint Initiative, Coalition for Healthy Bones, National Coalition for Community Health Centers, among others. Together, we can influence new policies that ensure spine health treatments are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans and Military health services – laying the foundation for robust coverage by private insurers.

We also have a presence on the Patient Engagement Advisory Committee at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a committee that oversees new medical devices that impact spine health, including implants and robotic surgery technologies as well as patient devices such as health wearables.

Current Initiatives

In May 2023, NSHF signed onto a letter drafted by AARP in support of family caregivers. They emphasize the importance of prioritizing actions to recognize, assist, and support family caregivers who provide invaluable services to older adults, people with disabilities, and veterans. The letter highlights the challenges faced by caregivers, the economic impact of their unpaid care, and the need for meaningful action based on the 2022 National Strategy to Support Family Caregivers. The letter calls for improved caregiver inclusion in healthcare planning, support for dementia and military veteran caregivers, and the advancement of policies to make resources and support more accessible.

You can find our previous initiatives here.

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