2022 Race for Spinal Wellness

14th Annual We’ve Got Your Back 5K & Wellness Fair


Location & Details:

The We’ve Got Your Back 5K and Wellness Fair is one NSHF’s signature events and is the nation’s largest celebration of healthy spines. The 14th Annual 5K is scheduled for World Spine Day, October 16, 2022 in Reston VA, the race raises awareness, celebrates positive outcomes, and generates the necessary funds needed to support you on your journey to spinal health. Together, we will  celebrate the success of Spinal Champions by bringing together elite runners, recovering and recovered patients, industry experts, and supporting members of the community. NSHF offers a wide range of sponsorship opportunities, and would love to have your business involved. Join us!

Make a Team to Raise Money and Share on Social Media!

Join us in fundraising for this incredible community event! When you support the National Spine Health Foundation, you empower patients to protect their spine health and take back their lives from debilitating spinal conditions. New for this year’s race, we have made it easy for you to create your own team and help raise money for the race! We have set up a fundraising page where you can donate directly to the Foundation or you can set up your own personal fundraising page! Once you have created your personal team, you can share your page with friends and family on social media. Not sure what to post? No problem! We have created a social media toolkit with instructions on how to create your fundraising page, suggested posts, and graphics to make it easy to share. Go to our Social Media Toolkit page.