The Get Back To It Podcast

Be sure to tune in Friday, February 14th 2020 for the launch of our very first episode, Surgery To Summit with Spinal Champion, Dan C.

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If you injured your neck or back tomorrow, what would you miss doing the most? People suffering from neck or back pain frequently are prevented from enjoying activities and time with people they love the most, but there’s hope.

The Get Back To It Podcast exists to tell real stories of healing and recovery from Spinal Champions–people who have achieved better quality of life through the treatment of neck or back pain! These individuals have experienced a range of outcomes, but all gotten back to a goal whether it be climbing mountains or comfortably playing with their grandkids. We believe that sharing these success stories creates a community of hope and encouragement for those in various stages of their patient journey. We can’t wait to chat with you and hope you can listen in!