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Rafael Rodriguez

I am a school administrator and former teacher, an athlete, a husband, and a Spinal Champion! My journey to spinal health involved being diagnosed with spondylolisthesis and fractured vertebrae. I was in the midst of training for a triathlon competition when I was forced to walk with a cane for several months and needed to be treated with a spinal fusion surgery. Cortisone injections prior to surgery allowed me to continue training physically without pain as I wanted my body to be in good shape for recovery. My surgery was successful overall and I was able to participate in the We’ve Got Your Back 5K! This motivated me to run my first half marathon at 5 months post-op and then complete my first half-distance triathlon for my one-year Spineaversary. I take time every day to remember the journey that got me to where I am as well as envision where I want to go.

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California | Two-Level Spinal Fusion, Lower Back