Carrie Holl


I am a clinical psychologist in Northern Virginia, and now a Spinal Champion who had a successful C5-C6 disk replacement! Beginning in November 2021, I suffered severe nerve pain every night when lying down which resulted in sleep deprivation. During the day I experienced numbness and radiating pain. I was a shell of myself to my family because of exhaustion. I began PT during this time which helped for a while, but soon worsened and saw a spine specialist and had surgery on 3.3.22. Now I’m off all medication, doing PT and have complete relief of the nerve pain. I still have some work to do, but I’m improving each week. I soon will be getting back to all my hobbies like dog walking, gardening, golf, and exploring.

Virginia | Herniated Disc, Nerve Compression, Neck | Artificial Disc Replacement C5-C6