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Learn how you can help shape the future of patient care through informed decision making and patient advocacy. Life changing progress takes partners like you with a shared mission as members of: The Spine Health Leadership Council and The Spine Health Ambassadors Partnership

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Partnering with The National Spine Health Foundation and The Coalition For Spine Health:

In our shared world of spine treatment and innovation, it is amazing that, until now, there has been no organization dedicated to patient advocacy and education. The National Spine Health Foundation is proud to take on this mission. In discussions with our premier Professional Spine Societies, they confirmed that patient advocacy and education was not in their wheelhouse, and so together we have collaborated to create the Coalition for Spine Health. To assure that the information and content made available through NSHF is responsible and credible, we have also developed our Medical & Scientific Board composed of over 50 of the nation’s most recognized leaders in spinal healthcare. They volunteer their time and talent to provide patients with knowledge, understanding and hope. We appreciate and recognize that the spine patients we reach are indirect beneficiaries of the physicians on our board, the members of our coalition, and similarly of our spine industry as well. 

Working together, our goal is to make spine health a national priority, advancing our shared mission to:

  • Amplify and raise patient and public awareness of the success of modern spinal treatments
    • Industry has been at the forefront of these advancements in scientific innovation, breakthrough technologies, multicenter evidence development, masterful techniques, and professional education.
  • Provide meaningful, responsible, credible, and authoritative information to patients.
    • Giving them knowledge and hope on their journey toward spine health, enabling them to make informed decisions, along with their physicians, on the best treatment options for their condition.

NSHF is filling the gap in patient education and advocacy by unifying and galvanizing collaborative partnerships with premiere physicians, professional societies, affiliate organizations and the medical industry. Our top tier industry partners are recognized as the Spine Health Leadership Council, composed of innovative spine industry leaders, sharing in our mission, with opportunities to sponsor, partner, engage and be recognized. NSHF serves and supports the spine industry as we amplify and celebrate the great work you and your company do for physicians, providers and patients, innovating to advance care and outcomes.

Our mission cannot be accomplished alone. In addition to the collaborative support of top physicians and premier professional society leadership, we rely on the generosity of contributors who believe in and support our mission.

As a leader in the spine medical industry, we invite you to partner with us in expanding our impact by joining the Spine Health Leadership Council.

Spine Health Leadership Council – Diamond (1,2,3) $100,000
Spine Health Leadership Council – Platinum (1,2,3) $75,000
Spine Health Leadership Council – Gold (1,2,3) $50,000
Spine Health Ambassador Partner – (1,2) $25,000

1) Acknowledgment on NSHF digital platforms, website, Spine-Talks programs, Podcasts & Spine Health Journal
2) Signage recognition at Coalition Society Meetings
3) Invitation to Coalition Quarterly Meetings

Spine Health Partnerships

Spine Health Leadership Council – Gold

Amgen is one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies.

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Inspired by patients. Driven by science.

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Spine Health Ambassador Partners

From AI to connected care and beyond, our technology is building a bridge to better health for more people.

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Globus Medical is constantly pursuing improvement in the lives of patients with musculoskeletal disorders.

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Aesculap brings innovation and medical advancement to the surgical instruments we produce for our customers for better precision and reliability.

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Spine Health Contributors

Orthofix is a leading medical device company and provider of spinal, orthopedic, bone growth, and motion preservation products since 1980.

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Centinel Spine is a catalyst of change in the spine industry—with pioneering technologies and a clinical history of success.

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Philanthropy fuels our mission. We are grateful to our Spine Health Leadership Council, our Spine Health Ambassador Partners, and our Spine Health Contributors, whose giving sustains our work.

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