SpineOnline® is a nationwide, multi-centered technology project created to prove the effectiveness of spinal treatment options. At SpineOnline, we have compiled the definitive collection of provider and patient data in the form of reported treatment outcomes.

Because of this unique approach, we can uniformly collect information about spine treatments and their applications. We’re also able to prove which treatments are the most effective and result in the best possible patient outcomes.

“In spine medicine, we’ve moved to using the patient’s own reports of their improvement and function, quality of life as the primary metric of the success of an intervention. While this is true across orthopaedics, spine has been the leader in utilizing that concentration on the patient in terms of judging the value of different interventions.” 

-Dr. Steve Glassman, Norton Leatherman Spine Center

SpineOnline works through the use of computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Patients and physicians across the country complete a series of confidential questionnaires. These questionnaires then follow the patient’s progress throughout their treatment and recovery process. Then, this patient data is essential to make progress in the world of spine health.

Access to Patient Data

SpineOnline allows medical providers across the United States to contribute to and access de-identified patient outcomes. This places solid data regarding treatment options in the hands of physicians. By recording the outcomes, both from the physician and patient perspective, the tool is instrumental in evaluating the effectiveness of both surgical and non-surgical treatment options, patient recovery times, and patient reported outcomes.

Accurate Prognosis Possible

In addition to these primary benefits, SpineOnline® also aids physicians with quality improvement and allows them to provide an accurate prognosis based on a pool of patients sharing similar qualifiers. The ability to definitively quantify and manage expectations will improve the patient’s understanding of their health status. This empowers the patient to take an active role in their health care, become self-advocates, and communicate effectively with their health care team. A better perspective on patient outcomes will not only fuel innovations and drive invaluable research, but will shape the future of spine care.

Our Goals with SpineOnline®:

  • Increase access to care
  • Drive innovation
  • Prove the effectiveness of both surgical and non-surgical treatments
  • Improve perspective on patient outcomes
  • Address patient anxiety and uncertainty associated with treatment

If you would like to learn more, contribute to, or access SpineOnline® , please contact us today. Read more about our current research projects and The Research Institute, too!