Mary Wykle, PhD

I am an aquatic therapist and instructor, a wife, a mother, and a Spinal Champion! Throughout my life, I have always valued physical activity. Years ago when I was living abroad in Germany, a ski accident led to an ankle injury and further complications. Treatment and incorrect healing of that injury led to pain in my back. I was diagnosed with significant scoliosis and rotation that seemed to be partially genetic and partially environmental and I was advised to have a spinal fusion surgery. My fusion was initially successful, but later I needed a hardware removal due to a broken screw and even later due to disc degeneration I needed an additional spinal fusion. Many surgeries later, I am as active as ever and you can always find me in the water. I teach pre and post rehab for the entire spine. To this day, I like to call myself a “challenge in progress.

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Virginia | Adult Scoliosis, Spinal Fusions Lower Back