Monte Clair

Monte Clair Greer

I’ve had some discomfort in my low back since my college days and throughout my early 30’s. While packing for a trip over a decade ago, I unexpectedly injured my back just as I was headed with some friends for a trip to Florida. I was finished packing, had my suitcases at the door, and decided to check the house one more time. While leaving and closing the door, I took two steps and heard a pop in my back and fell to the floor. I instinctively knew something bad had happened, and I was in severe pain. I was eventually able to get up and convince everyone I was ok, and went on the trip. The ride down was incredibly uncomfortable, and I spent the entire week flat on my back in bed with two trips to the local clinic for injections and medication. The ride home was the most miserable 8 hours of my life.

I made an appointment with my sports medicine doctor who I’d seen in the past for low back and sciatic nerve problems. After she examined me, she was convinced I had a ruptured disc and ordered an MRI which confirmed a herniated disc at L4,L5. I was in severe pain, couldn’t do anything on my own, and the surgery couldn’t come fast enough! Finally, 5 weeks after my injury, I had a discectomy.

My surgery was successful, and although extremely painful, I was incredibly grateful to no longer have the pain from the injury. My recovery was slow but successful and I was back to work after 3 months, back to normal mobility within 6 months, and after 9 months, completely back to regular exercise and activity.

Since surgery, I have had zero back issues, no sciatic nerve problems, no mobility limitations and I am in the best shape that I’ve been in since my 20s. I know that I cannot gain an excessive amount of weight and expect my back to remain happy, so I exercise regularly to keep my core and back strong.

Tennessee | Herniated Disc | Discectomy L4,5