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Spine Anatomy: What You Should Know

Knowing the anatomy of your spine is important. But what exactly is a healthy spine? What are the parts... Read More

Dr. Colin Haines Presents at the Lumbar Spine Research Society

The surgeons on the National Spine Health Medical and Scientific Board are at the top of their field. While... Read More

Video: Advancements in Pain Management

Pain management is such a huge part of the spine health world. That’s why we are committed to bringing... Read More

How to Find Good Physical Therapy

Finding good physical therapy is important for many reasons. The point of physical therapy is to give people the... Read More

Breast Cancer Alliance’s Yonni Wattenmaker

The Breast Cancer Alliance is doing incredible things for patients. Their research and advocacy on behalf of those who... Read More

Spinal Champion Abby: A Teacher’s Tale of Pain-Free Retirement

The “Get Back To It” podcast exists to provide patient stories of hope for those dealing with back and... Read More

Chronic Pain Association Offers Solutions

The American Chronic Pain Association was started by someone who knows all about pain. CEO and Founder Penney Cowan... Read More

Lauren’s Story: Lumbar Spine Surgery Brought Her Out of Pain

At the National Spine Health Foundation, we love to share the stories of patients and Spinal Champions who have... Read More

2021 Spring Spine Health Challenge: Registration is Open

A 5-day, in-home challenge to get you ready for warmer months! It’s been a long winter, but spring is almost here... Read More