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The Bone Clinic’s Dr. Belinda Beck Speaks With Us (Podcast Interview)

In the latest episode of our “Get Back to It” podcast, National Spine Health Foundation’s CEO, Dr. Rita Roy,... Read More

How Do You Choose the Right Surgeon?

Spine-Talks® Cities 2020 Feature: How do you pick the right surgeon? It’s a tough question, but we’ve got some... Read More

Top Spine Experts Reveal How to Overcome Chronic Neck & Back Pain

Learn more at spine-talks.org. For immediate release: July 22, 2020 Contact: Sabrina Woodlief | swoodlief@spinehealth.org | 703-766-5405 On July... Read More

Physical Therapy for Back Pain with Rehab Science Founder Dr. Tom Walters

Physical therapy (PT) is an essential part of recovery from injury or back and neck pain issues. Check out... Read More

5 Natural Ways to Speed Up Back Injury Recovery

Want to speed up back injury recovery? There are a few ways you may be able to help yourself... Read More

Scoliosis Information You Can Use

At the Spine Health Foundation, we’re here for you when it comes to all issues of spine health. Scoliosis... Read More

Spine-Talks®: Cities 2020 is Coming Your Way

Update: We’ve launched! Watch the full program here. We’re excited to share the Spine-Talks®: Cities 2020 tour with you!... Read More

Spine-Talks Cities® 2020: Watch Preview Now!

Featured Program Launches July 2020 Update: We’ve launched! Watch the full program here. In July 2020, we will be... Read More

What Doctors Wish Their Patients Knew About Spinal Fusions

“Oh no, I cannot believe it! My doctor just used the F word!?!!?” “I have got to get out... Read More

A Word On COVID-19 From Our CEO, Dr. Rita Roy

Whether you're teleworking, staying home with your kids, or working the front lines, we appreciate you and we've got your back.
Dr. Roy's Message