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Spinal Champion® Paul: Spinal Stenosis Surgery and Recovery

Spinal Symptoms Begin Spinal Stenosis surgery was an ultimate diagnosis and treatment for Paul, but it didn’t begin there.... Read More

Ask the Expert: Research and the Patient

Why is research crucial to improving spinal health care for the patient?There is always room for improvement in everything... Read More

Arthritis of the Spine: What You Should Know

Arthritis of the spine is most often “osteo-arthritis,” which is a degenerative condition. The word Arthritis is derived from... Read More

Dr. Jeffrey Gum: Research is the Key

Dr. Jeffrey Gum, Norton Leatherman Spine Center Dr. Jeffrey Gum is a spine surgeon who specializes in adult and... Read More

The Future of Spine Surgery: Robotics, Spinal Navigation and More

The Future of Spine Surgery The modern goals of the future of spine surgery are to maximize patient function... Read More

Back Pain Research Studies: Why Funding Matters

Back pain research studies are vital in discovering more innovative treatments and developing faster recovery times. This ultimately provides... Read More

Winter Tips and Spine Health Victories to Inspire

Winter months can feel long and heavy, especially as we struggle through the continued restrictions of a global pandemic.... Read More

Dr. Martin Pham: The Life of a Surgeon

Dr. Martin Pham, a neurosurgeon and Assistant Professor of Surgery at UC San Diego Health, is more active on... Read More

A Back Pain Treatment that Worked: Mary Lou’s Story

The Pain Begins A back pain treatment that worked for her is what rescued Mary Lou from excruciating pain.... Read More