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Professional Sports & Personal Treatment Decisions: What’s Happening in the NHL

Star center for the Buffalo Sabres Jack Eichel has been in a stalemate with his team’s leadership since March,... Read More

Neck Pain and Other Signs and Symptoms of Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis occurs in two areas: the lumbar section, which includes the lower vertebrae of the back, and cervical... Read More

Back Pain Treatment: Spinal Decompression Therapy Can Help

Are you suffering from back pain? Looking for the best back pain treatment? Or maybe it’s not you who... Read More

WATCH: What Technology Are You Most Excited About? A Surgeon Shares

National Spine Health Foundation Medical and Scientific Board member, Dr. Ronald Lehman Jr. discusses his excitement to see the... Read More

Ask the Expert: Physical Therapist and Former Gymnast Laura Kummerle

Physical therapy and mobility exercises at home can be a godsend in a pinch. Sometimes, it’s a small pain... Read More

Spine Health Delivered to your Inbox

Our Spine Spotlight Newsletter is a monthly recap of everything that happens at the National Spine Health Foundation. We’ll... Read More

Joseph’s Story: Surgery Solutions for an Athlete

Athletes can suffer particular blows when dealing with back pain or injury. Joseph was one such athlete — a... Read More

Physical Therapy Benefits: What to Know if You’re Headed to the Physical Therapist

Physical therapy is something most people experience at some point in their lives. If you deal with back and... Read More

Joseph’s Bright Future: Scoliosis Surgery Success

Scoliosis affects 2-3% of the population, with the vast majority of cases developed in teen and preteen years. A... Read More