Curves that Align, Make Up the Spine

The Alignment of Your Spine

Is your spine straight or is it curved? Actually, it’s both! That’s right, when you look at the spine from the front, the spine appears straight. But, when you look at the spine from the side, you will see that your spine has natural curves in it – three of them, in opposite directions. Together these curves create your spinal alignment to keep you perfectly balanced. That is why we say “Curves that Align, Make Up the Spine!”

The shape of these curves can change due to the normal aging process, chronic poor posture, or as a result of trauma. Adolescent scoliosis is another reason why you may have changes in curves. Malalignment can result if any of these curves change. This can cause pain and decreased mobility. 

When the head is balanced above your seat, you’re able to maintain a horizontal gaze, meaning you can look forward. Alignment changes can create difficulty maintaining a horizontal gaze, causing muscle fatigue and pain. It’s important to do what you can to maintain good posture during the day and while you sleep.

To help illustrate the importance of maintaining the proper alignment of your spine throughout your life, we have created this spine guide to show the anatomy of your spine and give you tips on how to keep your spine in healthy alignment. If you are interested in more of our tips and news, subscribe to our monthly newsletter.