Is My Back Pain Actually Hip Pain? What You Need to Know About the SI Joint


Dr. David Polly, MD
Spine Surgeon, University of Minnesota

Dr. Rita T. Roy, MD, CEO NSHF
National Spine Health Foundation, Reston, VA

Lindsay Orosz, MSPAC
National Spine Health Foundation, Reston, VA


When experiencing lower back pain, often it can be challenging to determine the actual source of the pain. The anatomy of the lower back has many important muscles connected to it which are also connected to the pelvic bones. The joint that connects the hip bone to the lower spine is known as the sacroiliac joint or the S-I Joint. The sacroiliac joint can get inflamed, undergo trauma, or otherwise be out of alignment and cause pain that emanates from the gluteal or buttock region. But how do you know if your lower back pain is coming from your spine or from your sacroiliac joint? In our latest Spine-Talks, Dr. David Polly, an illustrious and celebrated spine leader, highlights the importance of identifying where your pain is coming from and the SI Joint journey. Dive deeper into this fascinating presentation and demonstration of the lower back and the SI joint, and learn strategies for managing pain.