Dr. Colin Haines Presents at the Lumbar Spine Research Society

The surgeons on the National Spine Health Medical and Scientific Board are at the top of their field. While they are busy helping patients everyday, sometimes they go above and beyond with their accomplishments. We’d like to celebrate a few of those additional feats toady.

Dr. Colin Haines at the Lumbar Spine Research Society

Dr. Colin Haines presented recently at the Lumbar Spine Research Society’s annual meeting. The Society is an important organization that exists to advance knowledge and understanding of the physiology, pathologic processes, and treatment of lumbar disease. They do this through the promotion and discussion of research, with the goal of improving patient care. It was an honor to see members of our Medical and Scientific Board represented at the annual meeting this year.

Some of our most important work here at NSHF are our research studies. Dr. Haines was able to present on our recent Artificial Intelligence (AI) study, offering attendees a glimpse of the some the important and innovative findings. See a couple of slides from Dr. Haines’ presentation below:

At the meeting, Dr. Alexandra Thomson, a Virginia Spine Institute Research Fellow, was also able to present on our Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) study. This was another incredible opportunity to showcase our progress on these issues. See a slide from that presentation below:

We were proud to see many of our doctors represented in this presentation as well, as you an see them credited in the image below:

The conclusion to the ERAS study was 1) Greater than 50% reduction in postoperative
opioid consumption with ERAS protocol 2) Decreased LOS 3) Improved post-operative pain scores. The National Spine Health Foundation has been working on this research for several years, so it is notable and important that it was presented at this conference. You can read more about this study and presentation here:

To see our research presented a prestigious conference like this is a great honor. We are deeply grateful to the doctors, researchers and supporters who made this possible. We look forward to putting these studies into practices with patients and helping to create new Spinal Champion stories!