Scoliosis Superpowers: Jennifer and Liam’s Heroic Adventure

Unleash your inner superhero in this heartfelt episode of the “Get Back to It” podcast, where host Dr. Rita Roy teams up with Jennifer Fell and her incredible four-year-old son, Liam—a true spinal champion. Join their extraordinary journey from the fateful ultrasound that revealed Liam’s abnormal spinal curve to the daunting challenges that awaited them. Brace yourself for the importance of trusted specialists and invaluable resources, including the Setting Scoliosis Straight Foundation and the National Spine Health Foundation. Liam’s happy and adventurous spirit shines through, even as he tackles the heroic task of wearing a brace from the early age of two years old. In addition, Jennifer shares how their family embraces open conversations about scoliosis with their 2 other children. You will be inspired as they prove that resilience and hope can triumph over any obstacle. Let their superhero story ignite your own inner strength.