The Medical & Scientific Board

Meet The Medical & Scientific Board

At the National Spine Health Foundation, we work with some of the top spine surgeons in the nation. Many of these doctors have been working in spine for decades. They represent the following hospitals: Cleveland Clinic, Norton Leatherman Spine Center, Virginia Spine Institute, Texas Back Institute, Hospital for Special Surgery, Denver International Spine Center, the Orthopedic Center of St. Louis, Spine Team Texas, Lanman Spinal Neurosurgery, UC San Diego Health, Rush University Medical Center, State University of New York, Indiana Spine Group, Twin Cities Spine Center and Spine Care Medical Group. Members of our Board also serve in top leadership roles at the most prestigious professional societies such as SRS, NASS, ISASS, IMAST and ISSG.

As you journey toward better spinal health, we want to walk with you. Our Medical and Scientific Board provides expert analysis and input every step of the way. The Board represents many years of experience and includes those involved in the most important research and innovation aspects of spine health. You can hear from most of these individuals in our Spine-Talks® series and live, online interviews. You can view many of these interviews on our YouTube channel and catch expert advice from members of the Board in our quarterly Spine Health Journal.

Making a decision about your spine health is a big deal. That’s why we work with these highly-acclaimed spine surgeons to ensure you have all the information you need to make the right decision for you.

Thomas C. Schuler, MD, FACS
Chairman, Medical & Scientific Board, NSHF Virginia Spine Institute (Reston, VA)
Todd J. Albert, MD
Hospital for Special Surgery (New York, NY)
Shay Bess, MD
Denver International Spine Center (Denver, CO)
Scott Blumenthal
Scott L. Blumenthal, MD
Texas Back Institute (Dallas, TX)
Steve Glassman, MD
Norton Leatherman Spine Center (Louisville, KY)
Dr. Christopher Good
Christopher R. Good, MD, FACS
Virginia Spine Institute (Reston, VA)
Matthew Gornet, MD
The Orthopedic Center of St. Louis (St. Louis, MO)
Jeffrey L. Gum, MD
Norton Leatherman Spine Center (Louisville, KY)
Richard D. Guyer, MD
Texas Back Institute (Dallas, TX)
Dr. Colin Haines
Colin Haines, MD
Virginia Spine Institute (Reston, VA)
Dr. Ehsan Jazini
Ehsan Jazini, MD
Virginia Spine Institute (Reston, VA)
Leonard K. Kibuule, MD, FAAOS
Spine Team Texas (Southlake, TX)
Todd Lanman
Todd Lanman, MD
Lanman Spinal Neurosurgery (Beverly Hills, CA)
Ronald A. Lehman, Jr., MD
Columbia Orthopedics (New York, NY)
Thomas Mroz, MD
Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland, OH)
Martin H. Pham, MD
UC San Diego Health (San Diego, CA)
Frank Phillips, MD
Rush University Medical Center (Chicago, IL)
Kornelis Poelstra
Kornelis Poelstra, MD
Allegiant Spine Institute (Las Vegas, NV)
John Pollina, MD
State University of New York (Buffalo, NY)
Rick Sasso, MD
Indiana Spine Group (Carmel, IN)
James D. Schwender, MD
Twin Cities Spine Center (Minneapolis, MN)
Paul J. Slosar, MD
Spine Care Medical Group (Daly City, CA)
Michael Wang MD
Michael Yung-Shun Wang, MD
University of Miami Health System (Miami, FL)
Jack Zigler
Jack Zigler, MD
Texas Back Institute (Plano, TX)
Armen Khachatryan MD
Armen Khachatryan, MD
The Disc Replacement Center (West Jordan, UT)