Dr Haines

Colin M. Haines, MD

Dr. Haines utilizes modern technology to provide safer and more effective treatment options for individuals suffering from degenerative neck, back, and scoliosis conditions. Recognized as a Top Doctor, his world-class surgical expertise is complemented by an impressive portfolio of non-operative treatments including natural, regenerative therapies (i.e. stem cell therapy and platelet rich plasma therapy).

Known for his compassion and humility, Dr. Haines’ ambition to become a spine surgeon began at a young age when he suffered a lumbar disc herniation playing soccer. After recovering successfully without surgery, he was profoundly impacted by the power of non-operative treatment. This experience fueled his desire to personally connect with patients, working together to create a tailored treatment plan that will achieve their goals for recovery.

When surgical intervention is necessary, Dr. Haines utilizes minimally invasive surgical techniques that improve patient safety and reduces recovery time. These techniques include robot-guided spine surgery, laser spine surgery, and he is one of the few spine surgeons in the nation who is an expert in endoscopic spine surgery. Additionally, Dr. Haines promotes motion preservation through the use of cervical disc replacements (an alternative to spinal fusions) and is currently a lead investigator for an FDA trial for cervical disc replacements.

As the Director of Research at Virginia Spine Institute, Dr. Haines actively facilitates research studies that advance treatment options for his patients. Notably, he is involved in the largest study on professional baseball players with back pain and is currently leading multiple FDA trials on cervical disc implants. Dr. Haines is a frequent presenter at national and international conferences, and his research findings can be found in textbook chapters and peer-reviewed publications. – Virginia Spine Institute | Reston, VA

Virginia Spine Institute (Reston, VA)