The Spine Health Journal: Winter Edition 2019-2020

The 2019 Winter edition of the Spine Health Journal is available! The new version of our Journal features articles from practitioners, scientists, researchers, and more.

The Spine Health Journal is an educational resource for providers and patients – from awareness and diagnosis to treatment, and recovery, we cover issues on everything spine. 

An extremely beneficial resource, the Journal is easy to read and understand and we hope to provide the best research and education possible for patients.

This season’s edition features:

  • Ask the Expert: Doctors and experts answer your common questions about spine health
  • Opioid-Free Lumbar Fusion
  • Physical Therapy’s Role in Enhancing Spinal Healthcare
  • Aquatic Program Development for Wounded Warriors

All archives of our Journal are housed here. Don’t miss old editions for a variety of stories and research on all things spine health.