Preeminent Spine Surgeons Join Leadership Team at the National Spine Health Foundation

NSHF continues to expand its reach in work to improve spine health for all

RESTON, VA [Oct. 10, 2023] – The National Spine Health Foundation (NSHF), a patient-centered nonprofit dedicated to advancing spinal health, today announced that Dr. Rajiv Sethi has been named the Chairman of the Medical & Scientific Board, and Dr. Todd Albert and Dr. Lawrence Lenke have joined the NSHF Board of Directors.

Dr. Sethi will succeed Dr. Thomas Schuler, who remains on the Board of Directors, in leading a group of distinguished spinal healthcare experts as they share their knowledge to educate all about spinal health and the variety of treatment options. Dr. Albert and Dr. Lenke will further the organization’s mission by serving as a voice for patients in spinal healthcare through patient education, advocacy and research. 

“By bringing together the world’s leading spine specialists, we’re cultivating the ideas and insights that are transforming spinal healthcare so patients can better understand what’s available,” said Rita Roy, Chief Executive Officer of NSHF. “Spinal health issues are prevalent throughout society and it’s the NSHF’s mission to make sure everyone has the education, tools and resources they need to address these issues and stay moving.” 

NSHF is committed to providing cutting-edge, unbiased and factual information from premier spinal experts practicing across the country to continually improve patient outcomes. Spine health is of critical importance in enabling people to live a healthy life and the organization’s growth will continue to raise awareness and educate people on appropriate preventative care and treatment options. 

Dr. Sethi, Dr. Albert and Dr. Lenke have over 70 years of combined experience in spinal care, have published numerous books and academic articles and have earned a plethora of awards for scientific research and contributions to their fields. Their leadership and expertise will be integral to prioritizing patient needs and providing a deeper understanding of treatment options so that patients can keep moving freely.

About the National Spine Health Foundation

The National Spine Health Foundation (NSHF), a 501-C(3) nonprofit organization, is the only patient-centered organization dedicated to making moves that keep Americans moving. The NSHF helps Americans avoid and alleviate neck and back pain by educating consumers on practical ways to lead a spine-safe lifestyle; researching and amplifying life-saving treatments and surgeries; and advocating for changes that would improve the state of spine health in America. The NSHF is home to a prestigious Medical & Scientific Board that includes over 50 of the nation’s leading experts in spine, as well as the “Get Back to It” podcast, which shares real stories of healing and recovery from individuals who have overcome neck and back pain.