Breaking News: Sheila Santiago takes Center Stage as Director of Development at National Spine Health Foundation!

The National Spine Health Foundation (NSHF) proudly announces the appointment of Sheila Santiago, a certified fundraising executive, as the new Director of Development. Prepare for a remarkable journey as she steps into the spotlight, bringing a new level of charisma and fundraising finesse to spine health.

“NSHF stands alone as the singular organization dedicated to equipping patients with accurate information, empowering them to navigate their spine health journey with unparalleled precision. It is an honor to contribute to something so impactful.” Sheila declares with enthusiasm. “I am thrilled to spearhead this groundbreaking initiative, championing the fundraising initiatives for a cause that transcends importance – it’s truly game-changing for patients, practices, hospitals, and the entire spine health industry.”

Driven by a passion for effective communication and relationship cultivation, Sheila’s role is focused on establishing initiatives to raise crucial funds and awareness for the cause.

Join us in welcoming Sheila to the NSHF team as we continue our journey towards a world where spine health is understood, accessible, and empowering for all.

Interested in gaining a deeper understanding of NSHF’s mission and vision for 2024? Don’t hesitate to contact Sheila at She would be happy to provide you with more information.