Spinal Champion Spotlight: Scoliosis

For the month of March, we are celebrating our Spinal Champions. This week, we are shining a spotlight on the inspiring stories of some of our Scoliosis Spinal Champions. We understand that receiving a Scoliosis diagnosis can be a daunting experience. That’s why our Spinal Champion program plays a crucial role in providing hope and inspiration by sharing success stories from individuals who have overcome this challenging journey. Today, we’re thrilled to feature a few of our incredible Spinal Champions who were diagnosed with Scoliosis and experienced positive treatment outcomes. Their stories are sure to inspire and uplift you!

Paige Fraser
Paige Fraser is a dancer who overcame the odds of Scoliosis. Originally from the Bronx, NY, Paige has been a professional dancer for years, appearing in the national tour of the Broadway show, The Lion King. In 2017, she co-founded The Paige Fraser Foundation, with a mission to create a safe space for dancers with or without disabilities. One of her featured programs is called the “Spine Series,” designed specifically for people with spinal conditions like Scoliosis.

Jennifer Marron
As a teenager, Jennifer was diagnosed with Scoliosis and spent four years in a back brace. Jennifer instinctively relates to the NSHF’s mission of bringing hope to those who suffer debilitating neck and back pain, and is honored to support the Foundation’s mission as a member of the Board. Despite the challenges that she faced as a teenager with Scoliosis, Jennifer went on to become captain of the Princeton Women’s Varsity Crew Team and later rowed for the United States for 3 years as a member of the (gold medal winning) US National Lightweight Women’s Crew Team. Jennifer is married with three children and continues to enjoy an active life that includes hiking, biking and yoga.

Ella T.
Ella is a teen who not only is a Spinal Champion, but one of our Advocates as well. When Ella was diagnosed with Scoliosis, she wished that she could find another teen to talk to about the experience. This prompted Ella to find ways that she could serve as a resource to other teens who are struggling with their diagnosis. Ella appeared on our podcast with our CEO, Dr. Rita Roy, to discuss the challenges she faced that are unique to kids with Scoliosis,  including finding clothes that fit under and over the brace.

Pat Schellhorn
Pat discovered that she had Scoliosis after ending up in the hospital with a collapsed lung. Her active lifestyle, including gymnastics in college and being a PE teacher as an adult, helped to slow the progression of her Scoliosis for many years. It wasn’t until she was in her late fifties that she began to experience a decline in her quality of life due to her Scoliosis. Pat had surgery  to improve her condition, but had catastrophic results. Instead, her spine surgery exacerbated her condition, causing the curve in her spine to go from 42 to 82. Through persistence and determination, Pat was able to find the right doctor to address her complicated case. Today, Pat is able to stand, walk, ride bikes and even hold her grandchildren. She is truly an inspiration to those facing spine surgery as an older adult and is one of our Spinal Champion Advocates available to answer questions about her experience as an adult Scoliosis patient. She also spoke about her experience on our podcast.

Numerous Spinal Champions have generously shared their inspiring success stories of overcoming Scoliosis with us, and this is just a small selection. Their stories provide hope and comfort to those seeking solutions for their own spinal conditions. You can find more of these remarkable accounts by visiting our Spinal Champions page. If you too have a story to share, simply complete this form and share it with us.