Other Ways to Give

Our vision is fueled by philanthropy and partnership. With your generous gift, we can give hope. Learn more about the ways you can support our efforts.

Partner with Us

Our corporate partners can empower patients and uplift NSHF’s mission through a variety of visibility and recognition programs, including our Corporate Leadership Council and Event Sponsorship.

Become a Partner

Tribute Giving

If you would like to make a gift in honor, memory, or support of someone, please contact info@spinehealth.org so we can recognize your gift and your loved one appropriately.

Make a Tribute Gift

Make a Planned Gift

There are many ways you may include National Spine Health Foundation in your gift planning. From simple bequests in a will or an estate plan, to IRA’s, life insurance, and securities. Our vision is to improve the lives of those with neck and back pain and with your generous gift, we can give hope.

Gifts of Securities

The best stocks to contribute are those that have appreciated greatly in value. Such gifts may provide a double tax benefit. You may receive a charitable income tax deduction for the full fair-market value of the property and may not pay any potential tax on the capital-gain element of the gift.

For example you might wish to give stock now valued at $25,000 that you purchased five years ago for $15,000. Your charitable contribution tax deduction for this year would be the full current fair market value of the stock, or $25,000. You also would avoid paying the capital gains tax on the $10,000 appreciated.

If you wish to give a gift of shares or stock, please provide your broker or financial adviser with this transfer information:

  • National Spine Health Foundation, Inc.

    • Broker: Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Inc.
    • Account #: 8yw02078
    • DTC #: 0671 vs. Payment; 8862 vs. Receipt-Free
    • Contact #: 202-659-6069

Retirement Plans & IRA’s

For many of us, retirement plan assets may be the single largest asset in our portfolio. This is a form of gift we may use both in our lifetime and afterwards as part of our permanent legacy.

The easiest way is to obtain a beneficiary designation form from the retirement plan administrator and name National Spine Health Foundation as the entire or partial beneficiary of your retirement plan. This may avoid federal estate-tax liability because of the inclusion of the charitable deduction.

You may make gifts directly to National Spine Health Foundation from your IRA. While no charitable deduction is allowed, the gift is excluded from gross income for federal tax computations.

You are eligible to contribute this way if:

  • You are age 70 ½ or older.
  • Your gift from your IRA is $100,000 or less each year.
  • You transfer funds directly from your IRA.
  • You transfer your gift outright to National Spine Health Foundation.


A will is integral to your financial and legal planning and your estate may receive an estate tax deduction. Your will provides you the opportunity to distribute your estate according to your wishes. Your will expresses your values to your heirs and cares for your heirs according to their special needs.

Options for you to consider are:

  • A specific bequest for a stated amount.
  • A percentage bequest for a percentage of your estate.
  • A residual bequest for the remainder of your property.


You may make National Spine Health Foundation a beneficiary of your trust, just as they would include it in your will. The same options apply to trusts as they do to wills (see above).

Life Insurance

Life insurance that you no longer need for your family’s security may be an attractive asset to contribute to National Spine Health Foundation. The easiest way is to obtain a beneficiary designation form and name National Spine Health Foundation as the entire or partial beneficiary.

Work with an Advisor

The information provided in National Spine Health Foundation’s materials is not intended as legal, tax, or investment advice. Please consult your attorney, tax professional, or investment professional.

Federal Tax Information

National Spine Health Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity and is qualified under Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Service Code to receive gifts, grants, and contributions which are deductible for Federal income tax purposesNational Spine Health Foundation Inc.’s federal tax identification number is 55-0803996.