Back & Neck Pain Relief: 7 Reasons for Hope this Winter Season

Hope is our main focus here at the Spine Health Foundation. In the winter, it can be easy to feel down, especially with physical ailments plaguing you in colder weather.

We want to offer a few reasons to hope when it comes to your spine health. Millions of Americans share your pain and there is so much good work being done on behalf of those who suffer. We exist to support that work, provide resources and offer hope. You are in the right place. Here are 7 reasons to stay optimistic this winter season:

  1. Data-driven research with new solutions is being compiled everyday — focusing on patient treatments that work.
  2. Surgical outcomes are improving.
  3. New developments in technology mean less invasive options are more widely available.
  4. Patients are seeing faster recovery times than ever before.
  5. More resources are available to help individuals improve their spine health through exercise, proper sleeping, safe lifting techniques and more.
  6. Ergonomic chairs and products for spine health in the workplace demonstrate a corporate effort to accommodate individual needs.
  7. Awareness: At Spine Health, we educate the public about the 99 million Americans who suffer from spine health issues. The more people understand the depth of the problem, the more money can be raised to find solutions.

Are you interested in finding more resources, cures, options and providing hope? Join us in our mission. Support the National Spine Health Foundation today.