Osteoporosis & Your Spine, An Overview


Dr. Thomas Schuler, MD
Founder, Virginia Spine Institute

Dr. John Dimar, MD
Spine Surgeon
Norton Leatherman Spine, Louisville, KY

Dr. Brandon Carlson, MD, MPH
Spine Surgeon
University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, KS

Dr. Rita T. Roy, MD, CEO NSHF
National Spine Health Foundation, Reston, VA


When it comes to spine health, taking care of the 33 bones-the vertebrae- that make up your spine is very important. Keeping these bones healthy and strong keeps your spine in motion. If you need to have surgery in your spine, the bones need to be strong enough to sustain the correction that surgery is attempting to do. And if your vertebrae are weak, they can fracture creating a complicated recovery picture. Osteoporosis is the condition of weakened bones, and knowledge about it should not be limited to the elderly; prevention starts early in life. Staying in motion keeps you alive, so preventing fractures and keeping the bones strong are critical to your life. We dive into these topics in this comprehensive overview of bone health, osteoporosis and your spine.