Got Neck Pain? Top Surgeons Answer Your Cervical Spine Questions


If you’re experiencing neck pain, you will want to listen to this informative panel discussion with the leading experts on the cervical spine. Learn more about how the spinal cord is the central highway connecting the brain to the body and how it controls the motions in your legs and arms, strength, balance, bowel and bladder function.

Expert panelists include National Spine Health Foundation Medical and Scientific Board Members: Dr. Todd Albert (Hospital for Special Surgery), Dr. Jeffery C. Wang (Keck Medicine of USC), Dr. Alexander Vaccaro (Rothman Orthopaedics), Dr. Rick Sasso (Indiana Spine Group), Dr. James S. Harrop (Thomas Jefferson University). Moderated by: Dr. Thomas C. Schuler (Virginia Spine Institute) and Dr. Rita Roy (CEO, NSHF).

Most neck problems can be treated nonoperatively with treatments such as anti-inflammatory medicines, physical therapy, home exercise programs, massage and acupuncture. With these conservative treatments, most neck pain can be relieved.

In cases where neck pain doesn’t resolve or there is nerve damage, surgery may be recommended. Speaking with your doctor about different options is the best course of action. Disc replacement, fusions and a hybrid of both are a few types of surgery that your doctor may recommend. This panel discusses the benefits and outcomes of these different types of surgery.