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The Cervical Spine Research Society has partnered with the National Spine Health Foundation to provide patient education information.

Patient Education Partnership with the National Spine Health Foundation

The Cervical Spine Research Society has partnered with the National Spine Health Foundation to offer patient education. This landing page provides easy access to patient education resources to empower you with knowledge and hope on your journey to spine health.

Spine-Talks: Got Neck Pain?

If you’re experiencing neck pain, you will want to listen to this informative panel discussion with the leading experts on the cervical spine. Expert panelists include: Dr. Todd Albert (Hospital for Special Surgery), Dr. Jeffery C. Wang (Keck Medicine of USC), Dr. Alexander Vaccaro (Rothman Orthopaedics), Dr. Rick Sasso (Indiana Spine Group), Dr. James S. Harrop (Thomas Jefferson University). Moderated by: Dr. Thomas C. Schuler (Virginia Spine Institute) and Dr. Rita Roy (CEO, NSHF).

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Spine Health Journal: Neck Problems Edition

This special issue features Guest Editor, Dr. Tom Mroz, from the Cleveland Clinic and focuses on neck problems. This issue covers everything you would want to know about the anatomy of the neck, common neck problems, and treatment options that are available. 

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