Who’s Got Your Back? Celebrating the Dads in Our Lives


In honor of Father’s Day, we are celebrating some truly amazing men who are also our Spinal Champions! These are a few of the many individuals who have walked perilous journeys to overcome back and neck pain, redeeming their health and getting back to the things – and people – they love most.

They have each shared their inspiring stories with the National Spine Health Foundation to bring healing and hope to others dads.

Aaron’s Story

Aaron suffered from extreme neck pain that adversely affected not only his job as a television cameraman, but also the quality of life he was able to have with his family. After medication, chiropractic care, and physical therapy all failed to relieve his pain, he met with Dr. Schuler, who recommended Aaron undergo discectomy and disc fusion procedures. After recovering from his surgeries, Aaron was able to achieve his goal of being more active with his two sons.

Sheldon’s Story

Sheldon was a lifelong athlete until a tragic car accident in 2010 left him in chronic pain. After a series of unsuccessful injections and therapies, doctors told Sheldon his best option would be surgery. After the procedure, Sheldon underwent a personalized care regimen that allowed him to get back to caring for his three young children, and ultimately completing a full Iron Man race.

Greg’s Story

At the age of 60, Greg was an active outdoorsman who loved spending his days hunting, fishing, and hiking. After attending his daughter’s college graduation, he felt a numbness in his legs that led doctors to diagnose him with a thoracic myelopathy and a spondylolisthesis that would ultimately require a spinal fusion surgery. After only two days of recovery, he shocked his doctors by walking over ten miles pain-free!

If you are (or know of) a father who is suffering from back and neck pain, the National Spine Health Foundation invites you to join private our support group and learn more about prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and most importantly recovery