Spine Care Tips for Halloween

This Halloween, we want to offer you some sneaky tricks of the trade as you navigate Halloween. Read through our infographic to learn about back pain and, this Halloween, discover how to be spine safe, whether it’s your decor set-up at home, costume parties, kid trick-or-treating, or dolling out candy for hours!

Pumpkin Lifting: Do you always want the biggest pumpkin? Make sure you lift the pumpkin from the bottom, use a deep squat with a straight back to lift up your pumpkins. And if you carve, find a comfortable table height.

Decor: Did you know Halloween spending is on the rise? There’s lots of fun homes to see. Be very careful with any roof or high up decorations you want to place. Remember ladder safety or even better, ask others for help.

Costume: Be mindful of what you will wear. Heavy costumes place unnecceasy back and neck strain on your body. Head coverings can disrupt your vision. All combined, your fall risk increases as your balance might be off.

Stroller Use: Don’t forget to bring your stroller with little monsters about. Toddlers and young kids can get tired and need a break, better the seat than your shoulders or back! Avoid unnecessarily carrying them around all night and plan ahead.

Walking Shoes: Trick-or-treating can be hours on your feet. Make sure you have good foot support for the night and take a few minutes to gently stretch before you hit the road.

Lights: Bring a flashlight or headlamp. Don’t rely just on your cellphone light. Lighting your way safely can help prevent trips and falls as you walk around spooky driveway set-ups, leaves covering grass and holes, and dark paths.