Surgery Options: To Wait or Not to Wait?

Should you wait for future innovations before getting surgery? Many people want to ensure the latest technology is available before moving forward with surgery. If you wait, will better options be available down the road? Will the risks be lower? How much should you try to avoid surgery? There are so many valid questions — and we’re here to answer them.

In this Spine-Talks® segment, top surgeons weigh in on that decision-making process. There are several factors to consider, but remember that technology is in a great place today and, as one of the surgeons here mentions, life is short! At the National Spine Health Foundation, we want to see you happy and thriving again as soon as possible. Consider this quote from the video below:

“Yes, if you want to wait 2-5 years [for surgery], there will probably be better technologies…but if you wait, that’s 2-5 years of your life that you are using, where you could actually recover from surgery and get your life back.”

— Martin Pham, M.D. from UC San Diego Health

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