Breakthrough Advances in Modern Spine Care


Dr. John Finkenberg, MD
President, North American Spine Society,
Orthopedic Specialists of San Diego

Dr. Ed Dohring, MD
Past President, North American Spine Society,
Founder and Medical Director, Spine Institute of Arizona

Dr. Thomas Schuler, MD
Founder, Virginia Spine Institute

Mr. Eric Muehlbauer
Executive Director, North American Spine Society

Dr. Rita T. Roy, MD, CEO NSHF
National Spine Health Foundation, Reston, VA


In the rapidly evolving spine care field, how do experts stay up-to-date on the  latest treatments and innovations? Attending professional society meetings like the North American Spine Society (NASS), helps doctors stay current, learn from peers, and be part of the process of evidence development. Listen to this fascinating conversation among NASS leaders covering topics from ethics in research, to congressional action, to getting second opinions. Watch rare public insight into the world’s largest professional spine society meeting and, why people should care.