Spinal Fusion Surgery: Abby’s Story of Success

Spinal fusion surgery isn’t something to take lightly. It’s important to educate yourself and hear from others who have gone through it.

For the Spinal Champion® Abby, all other non-operative options had been exhausted by the time she and her doctor decided to move forward with a spinal fusion surgery.

Here, Abby speaks with us after completing the We’ve Got Your Back Race for Spinal Health. She was able to walk the race pain-free less than one year after her fusion — and just one week after another surgery to take out rods and screws in her back.

“Five months ago, I was six months out of a spinal fusion and didn’t think it’d be possible [to walk a 5K.],” she says. “Just be optimistic of the outcome…here I am — and I almost feel completely, totally fine.”

Her doctor, Dr. Colin Haines of the Virginia Spine Institute, is featured in the video as well.

“Through a spinal fusion, [Abby] was able to have all her pain relieved…and even after a surgery just a week, she’s able to walk here pain-free,” says Dr. Haines. “Ultimately, hope is the key word.”

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