Air Force Veteran Overcomes Back Pain Thanks To His Informed Son

When Air Force Veteran Jack Allen went on a treasured family hiking and camping adventure with his sons, he had to stop in his tracks so often, he couldn’t complete the hike because his back hurt so badly. His son, NSHF Research Assistant Brandon, had been studying that exact scenario. He urged his dad to get it checked out with a spine specialist. Jack had been suffering for 17 years with bouts of pain that would flare up and put him in bed for days at a time. This all seemed to stem from an incident in 2006 when he was moving furniture and felt that he had thrown out his back. Now, after a 2-level lumbar fusion, he is back to enjoying a full life, playing sports, hiking, and unrestricted by pain. He wants everyone to know that back pain doesn’t have to rob you of days and weeks of your life or limit your enjoyment of spending time with family and loved ones.