Spinal Champion Robin: A Former Navy Pilot Overcomes Injury


Robin S. – Former Navy Pilot

Robin served as a Navy Pilot for many years before sustaining a career-ending back injury while competing in a Triathlon. Her pain was so intense she could barely drive in the car for 5 minutes. She didn’t expect her competition to put her in such a hard spot — and she thought she may never get back to the life she loved. Robin was so young when she got her injury that the future seemed in question. Thankfully, she found the right doctors and treatment. 

After undergoing surgery at Virginia Spine Institute, Robin is back to living an active life as a new mom! So many of our Spinal Champions have similar stories — and we want everyone who deals with back or neck pain to be able to do so. 

“Being able to return to life is the best feeling in the world!”

If you are interested in learning more about the patient journey to overcoming pain and becoming a Spinal Champion, we’d love to help you get there! Check out the options on our website and see how you can find your path to recovery.