October is Spine Health Awareness Month!

October is Spine Health Awareness Month!

When you think of October, pumpkins, candy and Halloween may be the first things that pop in your head. But, did you know that October is also Spine Health Awareness Month? That’s right! A whole month dedicated to that series of 33 little bones that supports you all-day, everyday! 

You may be wondering how you can celebrate your spine–if so, we have some great suggestions for some easy ways to share and bring awareness to spine health. We have compiled a resource page with tips on ways you can learn more about spine health, as well as sharing your support on your social media. 

The National Spine Health Foundation has plenty of goodies to share with you this month, from new Spine-Talks® programs to a new podcast episode with one of our Spinal Champions to our newest Spine Health Journal! 

Of course, our biggest celebration will be on World Spine Day, October 16, with our 14th Annual We’ve Got Your Back 5K & Wellness Fair at our headquarters in Reston, Virginia. If you are unable to join us in person, you can participate virtually all month long! Or better yet, start your own team and help support our mission!

We look forward to celebrating this Spine Health Awareness month with all of our wonderful Spinal Champions and supporters. It is YOU that is at the heart of our mission. Your stories of  successful spinal treatments bring hope and encouragement to those just beginning their spine health journey. So this October, in addition to celebrating our spines, we will be celebrating YOU as well.