Neck Pain Relief: 5 Tips for Working and Learning From Home

Neck pain is a constant struggle for many people. In the midst of an ongoing global pandemic that will keep many people working from home indefinitely, it’s important to find strategies for relief. It’s not just adults, but kids who are e-learning, college students stuck on Zoom for hours and parents struggling to juggle work and home schooling.

In the comfort of our homes, it’s all too easy to flop back onto the couch, settle for “good enough” when it comes to a home office set-up and get lazy about taking the proper care and initiative for the body.

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We know that neck and back pain can be a lifelong struggle and we want to ensure you have the tools and resources you need to know avoid all of those problems. By creating simple habits and implementing easy tips into your day, you’ll save yourself a lifetime of pain and irritation.

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Neck Pain Relief: 5 Tips to Implement Now

  1. Ergonomic chair. Your metal folding chair may have worked for a couple of hours at home here and there, but now that you are working from home a lot more, it’s vital to invest in a chair that is made to protect your back and neck.
  2. Computer riser. Working from a desk or dining room table, chances are your laptop computer is several inches below eye level. That’s a no-go for neck pain. You can purchase an adjustable computer rise for cheap just about anywhere and it will offer you immediate neck pain relief to be able to look straight ahead, rather than down when you work.
  3. Posture, posture, posture. You’ve heard it your whole life — sit up straight! But it’s more important than ever to make this a habit now that you are sitting in an unconventional spot. If you have a hard time remembering, consider purchasing a posture corrector brace that helps hold your shoulders back (be sure to follow instructions) and soon you’ll automatically be pushing those shoulders back and keeping neck pain at bay. Improve your posture today.
  4. Level your feet. Make sure your feet are not hanging or scrunched up while you sit. Consider adding a box or pillow under the feet to ensure your knees and feet are level to the ground for optimal spine health positioning. It’s also best to keep the legs uncrossed to ensure the spine stays stacked.
  5. Stretch and move. Many people set a timer to get up and move every hour. Don’t get frozen into position — your body needs regular movement. Consider some of these simple yoga moves and gently stretch the neck and back. Taking several deep breaths and listening to the body in these times will also be essential in ensuring you are able to prevent pain.

While these tips may be simple, they are all too often ignored by well-meaning individuals focused on getting their work done. But a well-balanced life and body leads to happiness and wholeness in all aspects, including work.

Consider printing out this list and keeping it by your work space until these things become second nature. One day of bad habits won’t kill you, but the hours, days and months add up to years. It’s time now to protect your spine and get the neck pain relief you need.

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