Kevin Hart’s Back Surgery and Recovery

Kevin Hart, Ride Along Red Carpet Premiere, Sydney Australia

“No matter how much you think you’re in control, you’re not in control,” said actor Kevin Hart, months after a September car crash that left him with a severe injury.

Hart fractured his spine in three places and has been doing intense physical therapy to rehab from the injury. He may be a celebrity, but Hart is enduring the long road to recovery just like anyone else.

In a recent Instagram video, he documented his journey, saying the accident helped him “see life from a whole new perspective.”

The beginning of the video features Hart struggling to get out of a hospital bed with the help of two nurses. It continues, showing Hart completing simple physical therapy exercises and receiving some kind of therapy treatment on his back.

Watch the full Instagram video here:

In another of Hart’s Instagram video, he shows scenes of himself doing simple, weighted exercises. The text with the post acknowledges that recovery is a slow, personal process, but one that can be inspiring nonetheless. He writes:

“Rebuilding people….I’m not trying to get back to where I was…I’m trying to reach new levels of greatness….not for you guys tho…I’m trying to reach these new levels for MYSELF. I want to inspire & motivate people to challenge themselves to be great. We all have greatness within…it’s up to us to tap into it. “

Research shows that Hart’s positive mindset could be helping contribute to his healing, something to consider for anyone suffering from a physical injury.

“Don’t take today for granted because tomorrow is not promised,” he said. “I’m thankful for God, I’m thankful for life, I’m thankful for simply still being here.”

If you are struggling to heal from a debilitating injury, you are not alone. Speak to your doctor and look at some treatment options here.