Giving Tuesday: Here Are the Reasons to Give

TODAY is Giving Tuesday and we so excited to raise funds and awareness for solutions for back and neck pain that is so prevalent in our nation. Will you donate to the Spine Health Foundation today for Giving Tuesday? 

As a reminder, donations are DOUBLED all day, so anything you contribute will go a very long way.

Ten dollars or more helps to fund ongoing research projects on things like Robotic Surgery, Augmented Reality and Regenerative Medicine. More minimally invasive, fast-recovery procedures relieve pain and restore lives. Thank you for helping fund the miracles we work to cultivate!

If you need another reason, we’ve got it. Our WHY can be summed up in the following video:

We’ve been sharing stories of hope with you in the past month. There are countless courageous Spinal Champions who have been able to get back to their lives thanks to the research, advocacy and treatment options we are able to demonstrate here at the Spine Health Foundation.

Here’s one more of those incredible stories:

A “Miraculous” Surgery Gives Susan Her Life Back

Ten years ago, Susan was skiing off trail on a very steep terrain when she hit ice, sending her tumbling backwards down the mountain and eventually hit a small tree. She was airlifted off the mountain and treated for injuries to her chest and a concussion. She was initially able to continue her normal life, but slowly her back pain increased, until it was no longer bearable. Eventually, Susan chose to undergo a spinal fusion. 

One year after her surgery, she no reports absolutely no pain and doesn’t even require an occasional Advil. She is 100% back to her active life. “This surgery was nothing short of miraculous,” said Susan. 

Stories like these are what fuel our mission. So many people hope for a pain-free life after injury, just like Susan has!

Thanks to advanced research and innovation, surgeries and treatments are becoming more available, affordable and possible for more people. Your donations fund the critical work that goes into giving people like Susan their lives back. 

Lastly, check out our conversation with National Spine Health Foundation CEO, Dr. Rita Roy! She speaks with us about why she’s so passionate about this cause and how the work we are doing here matters for so many people:

If you’d like to donate, please do so here!