Fitness Journalist Emily Abbate and the Secret to Staying Positive

Emily Abbate is one inspiring woman! This veteran fitness journalist, who writes for outlets like GQ, SELF, Runner’s World and other magazine behemoths, is also a powerhouse podcaster with her highly-rated “Hurdle Podcast,” featuring all kinds of athletes and fitness professionals.

As a fitness journalist, she regularly covers strength workouts, recovery ideas, nutrition tips, gear reviews and so much more. She even penned this piece for GQ: “How to prevent lower back pain from ruining your life.”

We were lucky to speak with her about her journey as a writer and wellness advocate, as well as about how she overcame a back injury she suffered several years ago. Injury and pain are something we know about well here at the Spine Health Foundation, and combatting them appropriately is so important.

Emily Abbate Instagram Live Interview with National Spine Health Foundation:

Recovery From Back Injury Tips

  • Rest: Take plenty of time off (it’s probably more than you think!)
  • Ice/heat: Ice and heat therapy can be helpful in reducing inflammation
  • Physical therapy: Consult your doctor and head to the PT if you think you need it
  • Cross-training: Even if you love your chosen sport, injury means you may need to opt for something that takes the stress off your back. Try swimming or yoga if your doctor approves.
  • Hydration and nutrition: Getting plenty of water and leafy greens, fruits and grains are always great, but especially helpful when healing.
  • Healthy supplements: Consult your doctor, but see if there are vitamins or supplements that might be helpful for you.
  • Massage therapy: Who doesn’t love a massage? Schedule something stat — you can relax and relieve muscle tension.

In addition to injury recovery, Emily speaks with us about why she loves to run marathons, her 70-pound weight loss in college and how she stays positive living in New York City in the age of COVID. Her enthusiasm and positivity are inspiring.

If you need a little motivation and push towards gratitude, you’ll love this interview.