Exercise and Spine Health: What to Know

Exercise and spine health go hand in hand. In this segment of Spine-Talks® Cities 2020, we are chatting about the importance of exercise when it comes to spine health. Even a little bit of movement can go a long way. While people often underestimate the value of walking, stretching, and yoga, these movements are incredibly important.

We understand that when you are dealing with debilitating back and neck pain, not all forms of exercise may be available to you. We encourage you to consult professional medical help in finding the type of exercise that you can do. In this video, we hear from several top spine surgeons on the importance of exercise and spine health, including the Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Thom Mroz who says:

“A constant message I send to my patients is to do everything you can to habitualize physical activity, specifically exercise…It’s really important for patients to take ownership of the life they’re living.”

We’ve got a vast amount of information about this and more aspects of spine health on our Spine-Talks® website. Learn more here.