COVID-19 Resources & Guidance for Those Working From Home

National Spine Health Foundation Offers COVID-19 Resources & Guidance for Those Working From Home

For immediate release: March 25, 2020
Contact: Sabrina Woodlief | | 703-766-5405

RESTON, VA: As a response to the COVID-19 crisis, the National Spine Health Foundation has launched a collection of resources offering guidance for those quarantined to their homes at this time.

Whether you’re not used to working from home or hoping to enhance your home workspace, it is a critical time to adopt healthy habits and practices that will protect the back and neck from new or enduring pain. Many will be sitting in new positions for longer periods of time, putting the spine health at new risk if proper posture, exercises, and practices aren’t enacted.

“We are on a mission to help you build healthy habits, be mindful of your spine, and help prevent and alleviate your neck or back pain. Taking care of your body as you face challenging times will help with mental readiness and will ease the transition back to normalcy as we get through this together,” said Dr. Rita Roy, CEO at SpineHealth. “We will continue updating our educational materials and providing you with relevant, simple ways you can improve the way you care for your spine while following suggested social distancing practices.”

It’s not just physical pain, but mental suffering that is at risk as well. With 100 million Americans suffering from neck or back pain each year, it is the leading physical cause of lost work days and also contributes to large numbers of people suffering from clinical major depression.

By cultivating healthy habits, including maintaining proper sitting form, eating a healthy diet, incorporating simple exercises, stretches, and screen breaks, those working or distance learning from home, many for the first time, can prevent injury, maintain pain-free lifestyles, and avoid developing new, bad habits that can last a lifetime. Access some of these materials here.

When the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, the body and mind will not know how many days were spent at home or the office, but it will know how it was treated during a disruption of normal life. Spine Health guidance, including tips, tricks, and educational resources, offer people the chance to respect and tend to the body well as they navigate this crisis. Healthy bodies and minds will be vital when life returns to normal and it’s time to recover lost income, productivity, and scheduling.

For more information, visit our “Tips and Tricks” section of the website for daily, updated guidance.

Contact: Sabrina Woodlief | | 703-766-5405

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