3 Pieces of Spine Health Research You Should Know About

At the National Spine Health Foundation, we consistently conduct new research to help discover more optimal options and solutions for spine health patients. This month, we are focusing on some of those innovations and the important research we’re doing in partnership with the Virginia Spine Institute.

We will roll out the full scope of our research throughout the rest of the month of November, and we begin with three important pieces of work today. Stay tuned later this month for interviews with some of the top spine surgeons working on this incredible research and be sure you are reading our quarterly Spine Health Journal for the latest! Take a look below:

  1. Robotic Assisted Spine Surgery Outcomes Retrospective. This is an analysis of specific outcome measures, such as surgical complications, need for revisions, radiation exposure, and accuracy of screw placement. We are currently in the development phase of a prospective, multi-center study where we collect the same clinical outcomes (plus a lot more), but also add in patient reported outcomes.
  2. Patient Expectation Survey. We are one center in this multi-center study based out of Norton-Leatherman Spine Center. It looks at how well we prepare patients for the recovery process after lumbar fusion surgery. 
  3. Stem Cell Study. We are tracking patient reported outcome measures after having an intradiscal stem cell/regenerative medicine procedure.

This is just a little peak at some of our studies! Check back next week for a look a three more of the exciting projects we are working on. The field of spine health is ever changing and making incredible progress for patients. We are so excited to be a part of this revolution.

Check this interview with Dr. Thomas Schuler, founder of the Virginia Spine Institute and Chairman of our Medical and Scientific Board: